The benefits of joining Genetic Alliance UK 

Full membership is for all voluntary organisations concerned with genetic disorders. This enables us to represent a wide range of people affected by genetic conditions and campaign for the broad issues which affect all of our members. Please visit our join page to fill in an application form. Membership fees are decided by the member organisation's level of income.

Why join us?


At Genetic Alliance UK we represent a broad range of genetic conditions and so we cover a wide range of issues that are raised in parliament, the Department of Health and in other policy making bodies. This allows you the freedom to concentrate on service delivery and the issues which are specific to your members and your genetic condition, whilst knowing that your interests are also being represented in key political debates that will affect the services and information your members receive.


We actively encourage interaction with our membership through our policy work and projects. As well as this we always gather our members’ views through surveys and value any opinions that our members have on any of our work. We also use our Annual Conference to interact personally with members. Members can also be represented through our Board of Trustees. Trustees come exclusively from our membership and are elected every year at our AGM. This allows all of our members to have a say in the direction of Genetic Alliance UK. We also have extensive contacts across the genetics field which enables us to reach people in the right places to make our members’ voices heard.

International interaction

We are a founding member of EGAN (European Genetic Alliance Network). Through this alliance with other European genetic alliance’s we are able to reach policy-makers in Brussels who create the European standard for British laws.We also work closely with EURORDIS, particularly through our initiative Rare Disease UK, to campaign for better services and information for people with rare genetic diseases in the European Union.

Please visit our join page where you will find the membership application form and more information on membership