Information Leaflets in other languages

Genetic Alliance UK has translated many of our information leaflets on genetic conditions for use around the world

The Genetic Alliance UK produces various publications for patients, families, children, and anyone interested in genetic conditions. In our translations library information is available from various projects we have undertaken including publications produced through Multi Ethnic Genetic Information and EuroGenTest outlined below.

Multi Ethnic Genetic Information

The London IDEAS GKP Translation Project, a collaboration with the Genetic Alliance UK developed and delivered patient genetic information in the principal linguistic languages of the minorities of London.


EuroGentest is an EU-funded Network of Excellence (NoE) with 5 Units looking at all aspects of genetic testing - Quality Management, Information Databases, Public Health, New Technologies and Education. As a member of the education unit, Genetic Alliance UK developed a series of 15 Information Leaflets for Patients and Families that discuss all aspects of Genetics and Genetics Testing.

Genetic Tests

  • What is a Genetic Test?
  • The Amniocentesis
  • Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) Test
  • Carrier Testing
  • Predictive Testing
  • Predictive Testing for Inherited Cancer

Inheritance Patterns

  • Dominant Inheritance
  • Recessive Inheritance
  • X Linked Inheritance
  • Chromosome Changes
  • Chromosome Translocations

General Information

  • Some Information About Your Genetic Appointment
  • What Happens in a Genetics Laboratory
  • Genetic Glossary
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Genetic Testing

These leaflets have been translated into numerous European languages as well as ethnic minority languages. Please select your Language from the list on the right side of this page.