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Another step closer to mitochondrial replacement therapy

Last Reviewed 15/12/2016

By Beth McCleverty

Today, Thursday 15 December 2016, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Association (HFEA) has announced their decision to licence mitochondrial replacement therapy as a reproductive technique to allow families affected by mitochondrial disease to conceive a child free from the condition.  Problems with mitochondria cause many serious, rare, childhood conditions.

Alastair Kent OBE, Director at Genetic Alliance UK said:

"Mitchondrial replacement therapy is an increasingly promising new option for families to overcome the impact that these serious rare genetic conditions have on their lives. This step brings us closer to the end of a pathway which we hope will end at the delivery of a new treatment for couples that currently have no alternative.
A licence application should of course come at the point that a provider is confident of their ability to provide this service. We look forward to that next step!"

For more information on the decision see:

HFEA statement : "UK's independent expert panel recommends "cautious adoption" of mitochondrial donation in treatment"

BBC article on the announcement: "Babies made from three people approved in UK"

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