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Cross Party Group on Rare Diseases

Last Reviewed 21/09/2015

By Natalie Frankish

Cross-Party Groups (CPG) in the Scottish Parliament provide an opportunity for Members of all parties, outside organisations and members of the public to meet and discuss a shared interest in a particular cause or subject. Each CPG must have at least 5 MSP members, with at least one MSP member from each of the political parties. The Cross Party Group on Rare Diseases has been in existence since 2013 and, with 6 MSP members, has been compliant with membership rules.

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In November, Aileen McLeod MSP was announced as Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, and as such could not continue as a member of the group. In May 2016 we will also lose two other MSPs: Malcolm Chisholm MSP (Co-convener of the CPG) and Nanette Milne MSP as they plan to step down in May’s Holyrood election.

We are grateful for the support each of our departing MSP members have shown over the last two years.

To ensure that the CPG remains compliant in 2016, and that the group continues to be an effective force in Holyrood, we will be undertaking a number of activities in the coming months to raise awareness of the CPG and to invite new members to join. Activities will include one-to-one meetings with interested MSPs, a letter writing campaign and a 'showcase' CPG meeting open to all MSPs.

We would be grateful for the support of our member organisations to encourage new MSPs to join the CPG. Our Development Officer in Scotland, Natalie, is keen to hear from you if you would like to take part in any of these activities, or if you have good relationships with any Members of the Scottish Parliament that may be interested in joining the CPG.

In addition to increasing MSP membership, we are also keen to grow our patient group membership too! If you are interested in attending future meetings or becoming a CPG member, please contact Natalie

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