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Specialist Nursing in Scotland - we need your views!

Last Reviewed 02/11/2015

By Natalie Frankish

At the recent Cross Party Group (CPG) on Rare Diseases, it was agreed that specialist nurses are extremely valuable to families affected by rare diseases in Scotland. However, it was noted that a significant variation in the provision of specialist nursing services for rare diseases exists.

The CPG has agreed to produce a report considering the value of specialist nursing and identifying the gaps in service provision across Scotland. To do this, we need your help.

If you are interested in participating in this work by sharing your experience of specialist nursing in Scotland, please email our Development Officer in Scotland, Natalieby Friday 8 January 2016

In particular, we want to hear:

  • How many specialist nurses exist for your condition in Scotland? (we also want to hear from you if the answer to this question is 'none')
  • What value do specialist nurses offer patients?
  • Is there a variation across Scotland in specialist nursing provision for your condition? Is there a variation between Scotland and other parts of the UK?
  • How are specialist nurses for your condition funded?

We are also keen to hear from any organisation that would like to take part as a case study for this report.

Please contact Natalie if you have any comments or questions about this work, with the subject line “CPG Specialist Nursing Report”.


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