Policy Overview

Policy at Genetic Alliance UK is a product of the shared interests of all our member groups.

Our policy initiatives are aimed towards:

  • Creating and preserving a well regulated environment for innovative research in the field of cures and treatments for genetic disorders to flourish.
  • Ensuring the needs of patients and families affected by genetic disorders are understood and considered in the process of healthcare policy formation.
  • Promoting good practice in the care and treatment of patients affected by genetic disorders in all countries of the United Kingdom.
  • Engaging with European initiatives that can benefit patients of genetic disorders in the UK.

We achieve these aims in a number of ways. We promote our viewpoint by lobbying government and parliamentarians directly to influence the formation of legislation and government policy, and by responding to consultation. We form and inform our policy work by fostering communication and sharing information with our many allies in the field of biomedical research and healthcare delivery.

On the policy pages of the Genetic Alliance UK site you will find many of the contributions we have made to healthcare policy and legislation in the UK, Europe and more locally.