Past Project Archives: Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence - 2004

Sayward Morley took up the post as Genetic Alliance UK's Artist-in-Residence on 1st October 2004. The post was funded by a grant from the Novartis Foundation and Sayward was based at Nowgen, the North West Genetics Knowledge Park, in Manchester. 

Sayward worked with the Nowgen team for one year and during this time ran workshops with a range of schools, community groups and support groups as well as produced her own work. She used expressive skills and creativity to explore issues surrounding human genetics.

The artwork produced in her residency has been used to engage the public in the exploration of genetic issues and raise awareness of the work of Genetic Alliance UK and Nowgen. Artwork was exhibited in the Nowgen centre, various hospital sites and galleries within the North West in order to make them accessible to a wide audience.

The pictures below represent just some of the areas that Sayward was involved in, including workshops, schools and her own artwork. If you would like to have a copy of my final report please contact the Genetic Alliance UK offices.


Test tubesDNA samples in tubes, in a box of icegirl painting in collage workshop