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Looking at all aspects of Genetic Testing - 2010

EuroGentest is an EU-funded Network of Excellence (NoE) with 5 Units looking at all aspects of genetic testing - Quality Management, Information Databases, Public Health, New Technologies and Education. Through a series of initiatives EuroGentest encourages the harmonization of standards and practice in all these areas throughout the EU and beyond.

As a member of the education unit, Genetic Alliance UK developed a series of information leaflets for patients and families that discuss all aspects of genetics and genetics testing. This information was developed with the help of patients and families from across the UK and Europe, as well as with genetic professionals. This ensured it is both accurate, and discusses the issues important to patients and families.

The leaflets have been translated into numerous European languages as well as ethnic minority languages. Translations have all been done by genetic professionals and checked to ensure accuracy for each country. Information has been written to provide scientific as well as social and psychological aspects of genetics and genetic testing. Additional information such as contact details of genetic clinics, patient groups and useful websites are also provided for each country.

Clinicians - We hope that you will print these leaflets and routinely provide them to patients and families at the genetic clinic. We hope that you will find them to be a useful and important resource in your clinic.

The leaflets can be printed out in either colour OR black and white. Please check regularly for the addition of new languages and new leaflets.
The titles that are currently available are:

1.Some Information About Your Genetic Appointment (to be provided before the appointment)
2.What is a Genetic Test?
3.The Amniocentesis Test
4.The Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) Test
5.Dominant Inheritance
6.Recessive Inheritance
7.X Linked Inheritance
8.Chromosome Changes
9.Chromosome Translocations
10.Frequently Asked Questions About Genetic Testing
11.A Genetic Glossary

To access the leaflets in their various languages, please click the following link:


Please see the EuroGenTest website at: