Past Project Archive: Nano Medicine

Nano Medicine Round Table - 2010

The final project report

The Nanomed Round Table was a "Coordination and support action" in the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) Nanosciences.

The Nanomed Round Table's main purpose was to provide to European stakeholders a set of recommendations to support decision making regarding nanomedical innovations.

Five Working Groups brought together experts selected for their expertise, experience and representation from each of the specific fields to address the issues involved in:

  • Patient needs
  • Ethics and societal impact
  • Economic impact
  • Regulation
  • Communication

Genetic Alliance UK led the Patient Needs Working Group and prepared a detailed report on the expectations of patients and highlighted some of the issues that patients have raised in regards to this new technology, taking into account the ethical, regulatory, social and economic issues. 

We also carried out an online survey as well as detailed qualitative research to gain a broader understanding of patient understanding of nano medicine.  The Patient Views Report can be found here.

Nanomed Round Table condensed report