Project: Understanding Animal Research Discovery Day Part One

Analysing patient information and finding areas of improvement

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What did patients think of a university animal research facility?


A patient's experience of a university animal research facility and their view of the need for animal research. This interesting article was written for the AMEND newsletter.

A patient's perspective on animal research

Animal Research is a fascinating and important part of medical research. To introduce patients to animal research, Genetic Alliance UK and Understanding Animal Research held a workshop with a few Genetic Alliance UK member organisations which explained how and why animals are used in medical research and why animal research is important to the development of treatments for genetic conditions.

In this one-day workshop, presentations were given by different research scientists who are researching genetic conditions. They discussed and answered questions related to their understanding of current research, how, why and when they use animals to find out about the conditions they study, when it is appropriate to use alternative methods, and their feelings on the ethics of animal research. Patients had the opportunity to talk with people working at the cutting edge of research, as the researchers explained their take on the conditions that they study and the different approaches used to investigate them. The day also included a tour of an animal research facility, showing how the animals that are used are kept and cared for.