Genetic Alliance UK in Scotland:

Policy and Consultations

Natalie Frankish is the Development Officer for Scotland. A key element of her work is to ensure that the needs and views of those affected by all forms of genetic conditions in Scotland are represented and communicated to policy makers, MSPs and the NHS to ensure that legislation and services reflect the needs of families.


Current Policy Involvement


Natalie is currently involved in the following steering groups and committees:

  • Familial Arrhythmia Network Scotland (FANS) Managed Clinical Network - to find out more click here
  • NHS Scotland National Services Division (NSD) Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis Expert Panel
  • National Services Division Public Reference Group
  • Scottish Clinical Genetics Forum - Clinical Governance and audit group
  • Scottish Clinical Genetics Forum - Patient Involvement/Questionnaire Design
  • Gengage Health Policy Subgroup - to find out more about Gengage, click here
  • Scottish Cytogenetic and Molecular Laboratory Consortium Users Group



Genetic Alliance UK in Scotland is very active in organising consultations and responses to government and policy makers in order to benefit our members. Here you can learn about some of our consultations in Scotland.