Genetic Alliance UK in Wales:

Campaigning: Wales Neurololical Alliance

Genetic Alliance UK is a member of the Wales Neurological Alliance (WNA). 

The Wales Neurological Alliance (WNA) brings together 26 voluntary organisations, charities and support groups involved with the estimated 150,000 individuals, families and carers affected by neurological conditions living in Wales.  Much of the Alliance's work is concerned with campaigning to improve neuroscience health services in Wales.  This area is aligned with Genetic Alliance UK's own work, enabling members to work together and provides the opportunity for smaller-sized member groups to participate in the policy & service decisions & developments that are important to them. 

In 2010 the Alliance was active in ensuring the local health boards began on the implementation for the two neuroscience review programmes (Axford report for Mid and South Wales and the Price-Morris report for North Wales). This involved making representations to the local health boards & the Welsh Health Specialised Services Team, the Welsh Assembly Government and members of the National Assembly for Wales (through the cross party group on neurosciences). This work will continuewell into 2011.

In 2008 and 2009, Genetic Alliance UK worked with the Alliance to contribute further to both the subsequent recommendations for the Reviews described and specifically to the Neuroscience Implementation Groups for North Wales and for Mid & South Wales and the Working group for Specialised Services. The Alliance also published its first annual report in 2007 and is developing its own website: 

In 2007, the Alliance responded to several consultations, including the Review on Neuroscience Services and also Health Commission Wales (the specialist services commissioner).  It also presented evidence at the National Assembly?s Health & Social Services Committee?s inquiry into Workforce Planning.  Genetic Alliance UK was among the many members who contributed to these Reviews.

Wales Neurological Alliance Annual Report 2009

Wales Neurological Alliance Annual Report 2008

Wales Neurological Alliance Annual Report 2007

For further information about Genetic Alliance UK's work with the Wales Neurological Alliance, contact Buddug Cope.