Genetic Alliance UK in Wales:

Education: Living with a Genetic Condition in Wales - GCSE & A Level Workshops  (pilot project)

In 2006, Genetic Alliance UK in Wales worked on a small-scale educational project for Key Stage 4 and A Level students in the Cardiff area with colleagues from the Medical Genetics Service for Wales, Techniquest science centre and the Wales Gene Park. 

This pilot project facilitated a discussion between students and a person affected by a genetic condition; a genetic counsellor also participated in the discussion. The aim of the workshops were to enable students to learn more about the impact of living with a genetic condition and its implications for individuals and families. Conditions included were Cystic Fibrosis, Haemophilia and Huntington's Disease.

The reaction and content of the discussion demonstrated how powerful it was for students to hear about a person?s own life experiences with a particular condition. Feedback from teachers and students high-lighted the value of the workshops and detailed the effect the workshop had on their own understanding and challenging their own opinions and perceptions.

This project has very close association with Genetic Alliance UK's other initiatives such as the publications "Living with a Genetic Condition" and "DNA 50" as well as the video clips on the website.  Teachers expressed a clear need and appreciation for this initiative to complement their classroom teaching. Genetic Alliance UK is now keen to continue this area of work. 

If you would like to find out more information about this project, please contact Buddug Williams.