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Welcome to Ataxia UK. We are the leading national charity in the UK for people affected by any type of ataxia. We fund research into finding treatments and cures, offer advice, information and support.

What is our vision?
A world free of ataxia

Because we believe that all people affected by ataxia deserve support, understanding and, ultimately, a cure.

What is our mission?
We will fund and promote research with the aim of bringing about treatments and a cure for all of the ataxias. Until we do, we will provide support services to everyone affected by the condition, including families and carers, to give those with the condition the highest possible quality of life.

You can read more about how we intend to achieve these missions by reading our Strategic Plan for 2017-2020

Our Values
We ensure that everything we do has the needs of people living with ataxia at its centre
We seek to empower people living with ataxia
We value everyone who contributes to our work
We encourage and expect the highest possible standards of work and conduct in everyone associated with Ataxia UK
The Outcomes we seek
Finding treatments and a cure
‘We are aiming for a cure for one or more of the ataxias.’
Improving care
‘We want to ensure the best possible medical and social care for people affected by ataxia.’
Raising Awareness
‘We will raise awareness of ataxia.’
Providing Support
‘Ataxia UK will provide services that meet the needs unique to people affected by ataxia (or that can only be effectively delivered by us), which will enable them to have the maximum possible choices on how they live their lives.’

How we will achieve our mission
You can see how we aim to achieve our outcomes by reading our strategic plan for 2017-2020.

By implementing this plan, we aim to help people with ataxia to feel more in control of their lives by focusing more than ever before on mental health and wellbeing; raising awareness of this rare condition among the public and within the healthcare world; improving rate of diagnosis and appropriate care for people with ataxia. It also encloses how we intend to double its income over the next five years through an exciting new Fundraising Strategy, allowing an increase in spending towards funding research and support services.

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Who we work with
Ataxia UK is part of Childlife, a partnership between four charities that work together to raise funds and provide support for children and their families. The charities are:

Ataxia UK
Acorns Children’s Hospice
National Children’s Bureau (NCB)
National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS)
We are also a member of the organisation Disability Rights UK.

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